MIUI Australia – Status – Suspended

Edited by Fllash:

Note: For Lennox’s ROM development work with the MiOne – http://www.miuiaustralia.com

Until further notice, All MIUI_Au releases will be suspended.




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MIUI_Au 2.9.28 R1 for the One X – Now Available

Greetings, MIUI_Au Users!

Everything (that I have tested, anyway) works perfectly fine in this release. There seems to be a noticeable improvement when using sliders (such as brightness); the slider-thingy moves smoothly now.




Features from MIUI_Au (Somewhere is Oz!):

Lennox’s Build System

  • Consistent and much improved language across releases
  • MUCH faster than comparing everything by hand
  • Further improvements (it works!)

Optional Features (Selectable Within AROMA Installer):

  • Sense Calendar – Replaces Stock Calendar
  • Sense Car Dock App
  • Sony Bravia Engine

Changes (New this release)

  • More English improvements.

Changes (Cumulative)

  • Adjusted file size limits in Downloads to be more useful (1MB ,2MB ,5MB ,10MB ,20MB ,50MB, and 100MB)
  • Modified ‘Critical’ battery levels (15, 10, 5)
  • Centered Status Bar (Standard for now)
  • Altered standard theme (Status Bar is now semi-opaque to make status bar icons easier to see)
  • Adjusted the range of update speeds for the bandwidth indicator in Traffic (1/4S, 1/2S, 1S, 2S, 3S, 5S, and 10S)
  • Created Homescreen Icon for Audio Equaliser (read below)
  • Some new animations (I wrote them myself) – the ‘sliding sideways’ animation. More when I work out what I’m doing. Also adjusted the timings for a couple of others, such as the toast timings.
  • Much improved English
  • Additional build.prop modifications
  • Fixed that big fat issue causing nothing to work
  • Adjusted the layout of various items (such as the categories in File Explorer, and the numbers in Music). Plenty more to come when I can.
  • Fixed a problem I introduced which prevented any theme item (sans homescreen wallpaper) from applying at all.

Audio Mods

  • Recompiled HTC’s Beats Audio control panel with better English (and to remove the ‘Beats’ branding)
  • Disabled the Limiter (audio will no longer distort on low volumes)
  • Rewrote the Presets. Let me know how they sound.

To-Do List

  • Fix the time and date formatting for call history entries
  • Add the 4-way reboot
  • Complete SuperMarket translation updates
  • Modify the standard theme to be more like Orchas (the 3rd Theme redesign by MIUI). Will be available as an MTZ and so completely optional.
Installation & Support Instructions:
  • Flash from your recovery, or from MIUI’s Updater app (which will do all the work for you).
  • Please report to me anything you’d like me to change or add.


Download: MIUI_Au-One X-2.9.28-R1 (5242) [MD5: 1B40EE727C7A47CB75883525B4F0ECFB]


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MIUI_Au 2.9.21: Mi-One


  • Official Changelog Here. Please join the new official English MIUI forum.
  • Keyboard is now much more completely themed and looks way better. Themed based on Sogou Input (a.k.a Miui Keyboard)
  • New Genie Widget mod, themed based on the new Miui Weather widget (and some of my own styling to make it look better). Has a bug where the time/date don’t update except when the weather updates, hopefully will fix later. Note that there is no app icon, only widget (which gives you access to the app anyway)
  • Google Now modified more, now includes more MIUI png’s, and uses the MIUI Voice Assist ogg sounds. It’s pretty awesome, I must say. Also removed the app icons for google search and voice, it’s only a widget now.
  • Fixed a couple of other things.

My Modifications:

  • System Mods
    • Aroma Installer, compatible with MiRecovery or LennoxRecovery. Choose which system to flash!
    • 5-way reboot (including Normal, Hot Boot, Bootloader, Recovery & Switch System)
    • Supports init.d scripts
    • Kernel is insecure for easy ADB access
    • Two system partitions have independent data storage
    • Updated adreno libs for better GPU performance
    • Custom hosts file for blocking ad servers
    • Patched libsqlite for better data performance
    • aGPS patch for much better GPS performance (thanks to crypted)
    • Busybox properly installed to /system/xbin at install time
  • Applications
    • Removed SuperMarket, BugReport and original Weather widget (useless outside of China)
    • Added Google Ears, Media Uploader, Play Store, GoogleTTS, GTalk (all other Gapps are available on the market)
    • Google Now Mod (MIUI styled, slimmed, widget only)
    • Xperia S Keyboard Mod (English Only – MIUI/Sogou styled)
    • DSP Manager Mod (uses Beats/xLoud/SoundAura, MIUI styled). Found in Settings -> Sound & Vibration -> Equaliser
    • Genie Widget Mod (New MIUI Weather styled)
    • HTC Picasa plugin (Still don’t know whether this is actually useful for anyone?)
    • AppWidgetPicker for those who prefer other launchers (thanks to boombuler)
    • Google location included instead of the default Baidu service (solves network location problems)
    • Added Lennox Control Panel (more details below)
  • Interface
    • Full AOSP language set in framework-res (solves some issues, but the ROM is still only English/Chinese)
    • Jelly Bean SDK animations, plus a few png’s and some status bar styling. Purely for looks.
    • All widgets are resizable, in any launcher which supports the ICS API for resizing widgets (Note: this includes MiuiHome :D)
    • Removed system update button and “Report to MIUI” button
    • Google is the default search engine in the Browser, instead of Baidu
    • No recommended tab in MMS except for Chinese users
    • Multilingual T9 Dialer (thanks to roenano and myself)
  • Lennox Control Panel
    • Centre/Switched/Normal status bar layout
    • Overscroll effect and weight
    • Customise/disable carrier label
    • Enable on-screen keys
    • IO Scheduler and read ahead buffer for internal and SD Card
    • Dual mount SD Card
    • CPU Governor/Min/Max settings
    • A few other external apks are linked to from Control Panel (Terminal, Development, Device Tests) to save desktop clutter

To-Do List (if it’s not listed, suggest it to me but don’t be offended if I say NO):

  • Add the option to hide icon labels in MIUIHome
  • Fix MMS messaging quality (I’m not sure if this is an operator problem or a ROM problem?)
  • Include OTA update notifications

Installation & Support Instructions:

  • I recommend using LennoxRecovery v2 (available here).
  • If you want to test the new Free Desktop, go here for an English version of the Angry Birds theme, or here for the new Warm Space theme. Once the theme is applied, swipe down with two fingers on the homescreen to see it in action. Swipe up with two fingers to go back to the standard MIUI homescreen.
  • Any errors, feel free to post but do not demand a solution.
  • Flash at your own risk, and always take a backup before doing so.


Incremental Update (Will only flash over existing 2.9.14 AU ROM) [18MB] – MD5: 94f073134bf5fa62f745c076c0cbb085
Full Rom Package [141MB] – MD5: f18c294b7acb12b507929e5103e031c3

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