What is MIUI_Au?

What is MIUI_Au?

MIUI is a radical HTC Desire (and N1) ROM developed by a very talented group of Chinese modders.  It is built from Cyanogen/Google source code, it has a similar look to the iPhone (iOS) but its still Android.  As MIUI is NOT based on HTC Sense UI it is quite a different feeling after using a standard HTC Desire, but it does have a lot of similarities to Sense UI.

The MIUI_Au ROM has been translated from 100% Chinese to 100% Australian (Australian is similar to English, only better, because we have words like sarvo, sanger, stubbie and schooner [but not in Victoria :) ]) and it is suitable for the HTC Desire only (NOT the N1 or any other HTC phone) . What you get is a dash of awesomeness :)

To see what MIUI (Me-You-I? or My UI?) is like have a look at the following videos which come direct from the chinese website www.miui.com or read this review on cNet

Features of MIUI-Au (Check the posts on the Home page for updates to this list):

  • The only languages supported in MIUI_Au are Chinese and Australian.  If you want other languages, please look up our good mate XJ over at XDA
  • Updated A2SD+ written by the MIUI-Au team with automatic Apps2SD and DalvikCache2SD and full Zipalignment on boot.
  • Updated Network Settings for Australian providers – compatible with Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, 3, Exetel… also incorporates the latest Cyanogen APN list so its suitable for just about every Telco in the Universe.
  • Fast GPS fix tweak
  • Big list of locales built into the ROM
  • Latest HTC market fingerprint
  • Some custom GUI graphics
  • Fly in animation
  • Great support through this website

Worthy of a mention MIUI stock features:

  • Wifi N
  • Wifi hotspots
  • Built-in Backup software
  • MIUI Appshare
  • Easily flash and manage themes
  • Very fast file manager
  • Butter smooth GUI

The first video is a very early MIUI release (October 2010)

this video is the end of October 2010

and this video is the 26 November 2010 release, so you can see how far it has progressed in just a few weeks.

This vid from March 2011 (GB Release) shows that the videos as well as the ROM are getting more polished!

After reading the information below, have a look at the Manual for further information.

Included Apps (Check the posts on the Home page for updates to this list):

  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Google Voice
  • Flash Player 10
  • Superuser app included
  • Adfree 

The following apps were formerly included in MIUI_Au but now are not included, but are recommended

  • Appbrain
  • DialerOne (this app is a MUST HAVE)
  • Handcent SMS  (this app is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • Youlu Address book (this app is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • ColorNote (this app is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • Telstra Usage Meter (this app is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are with Telstra)
  • Winamp
  • Ultimate Stopwatch
  • Weather, Flip Clock Widget
  • Animated Weather widget
  • FxCamera (Camera App)
  • Ringlert (great for Ringtones)
  • Fast Webinstall
  • Market Enabler
  • ADW.Launcher
  • ClearDefaultHome
  • Contact2Sim (Copy contact to sim card)
  • Cache Cleaner NG

Things to be aware of:

This ROM is a little bit like a cross between iOS & Cyanogenmod. There is no Apps drawer, Apps & Widgets are spread on your desktop screens. To keep them organised, you should put them in Folders.   Read more about the features in the MIUI Manual

Why Do I need this mod?

Apart from the obvious disadvantages in reading Chinese, Telstra (Australia) use User Agent String and Access Point locking for their handsets to specify compatible handsets for Telstra Bigpond services, such as:

  • Bigpond Mobile “Green Dot” Unmetered content
  • Telstra Data Usage Tool
  • Mobile Foxtel
  • Bigpond App Store (Android Market is not affected)

MIUI_Au modifies the UAString Values, and Contains APN settings to match those of Telstra’s, allowing access.

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  1. will MIUI-Au work on new CM Hboot?

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